Why doesn't Launch auto-fill?

Using Firefox extension - why doesnt Vault >> Launch auto-fill?

I requested this weeks ago and apparently didn’t pass muster.

Why doesn’t it auto-fill?

Security? No because the extension fills it if you Launch, then go to Tab >> and auto-fill. A 2-step process.

Why cripple your own product…don’t get it.

You can turn on autofill on page load in Settings > Options. It is off by default.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 3.17.02 PM

Unfortunately it fills it with the last fill values used (e.g. previous session) - not the item you just clicked on.

The situation arises when you have mutliple accounts at the same site/url.

Just trying to understand the logic of that - zero value and also potentially a security leak.

That’s not the behaviour I observer with any of the Bitwarden apps or extensions. I’m thinking the problem is with your process. Please provide detailed steps to reproduce this if you are certain you are correct.

No I have never seen it happening, it autofills only which we click not the previous-session-used password

Create multiple entries for a single site.

  • Go to VAULT and launch. It’ll launch the site and may fill - if it does - it fills with the last used account - not the one you clicked on. (LAUNCH BUTTON).

  • Now if you go to TAB - the 2 entries should be there and it’ll fill correctly.

But it’s a 2-step process - when it could be done in 1.

Not to mention that on the VAULT page you’ve got to press a button and on the TAB page, the main list-item. Inconsistent interface.

This issue can be easily fixed with VAULT launch - auto-filling with the item the user clicked on - easy and intuitive.

When a user clicks on one of the logins in the list, fill in the fields and submit the form in one step…