Why does BitWarden keep offering to save logins, even when it already exists?

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Generally loving Bitwarden, much more stable + consistent than RoboForm.
However, one thing that does annoy…
When I login to a site, even though I already have the login details saved in Bitward, quite often is still pops up a banner offering to save the password etc?
This does not make sense - I can see a 1 on the Bitwarden extension icon, so it knows it acknowledges it has a password for the site.
Can’t it check the details and compare to the store one =- before offering to save it - i.e. only if different?
I have seen this behaviour in Chrome, Edge and Firefox versions on Windows (and I am pretty sure on my Raspberry Pi Firefox browser too).

i’ve noticed this a few times too. one of the recent times i had just filled the password with bitwarden. strange and unexpected behavior.

Noticed it few times