Why does Bitwarden.eu only contact servers in the US?

I use the European Union server of Bitwarden. This means my vault is supposedly stored in Bitwarden.eu, not Bitwarden.com.

Today, I purchased Little Snitch and, to my surprise, I noted that Bitwarden is only establishing a connection to a server in the United States.

I would like to understand why Bitwarden is not only establishing a connection to the US but not establishing any connection with the EU whatsoever.

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Curious. I am in neither the US nor Europe. Little Snitch tells me I connect to a .eu server as expected, with no side connections observed either.

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DNS resolutions around the globe to bitwarden.eu and identity.bitwarden.eu resolve to the cloudflare IPs (IPv4,, arguably in the US. I am not familiar with cloudflare DDoS protection technologies, but perhaps the traffic may not actually get routed through the US to get to the actual BW European servers.