Why are the MSSQL backups .bak binary and not .sql readable files?


Any reason why the MSSQL backups are .bak and not .sql?


SQL Server .bak files are native binary files that contain a full backup of your MSSQL database, which includes all your data, schemas, triggers, etc.

Typically, .sql files contain SQL code that runs within an RDBMS, such as MSSQL, but do not contain the contents of a database.


Thanks @dh024

Slightly off topic question, if I may:

Would you happen to know if bitwarden takes a backup of the db before and after doing bitwarden.sh updatedb?


My apologies, but off the top of my head, I don’t know. Sorry! (But I suspect it is only the former.)

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Thanks, yes, backup before the update is key.

However, backup after is a good to have though :slight_smile:

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