Which is the best plan for me?

Hi all, new LastPass conversion here! I’m hoping some of you may be able to help me on which plan I need based on my situation.

There are 3 people involved, one is my wife, the other is my business partner.

Ideally I’d have a single login with one organisation for my wife and me, and another for my business partner and me. But ideally I don’t want to have to subscribe twice, so I’m guessing I can try and do it all out of one organisation but with the passwords shared over various collections.

I think this is a way that it might work, but please can someone clarify?

  • Get a family account
  • Create an organisation called “Share”
  • Invite my wife to Bitwarden from Share organisation
  • Create a collection called ‘Wife and me’ and add items from my vault that I’d like to share with her.
  • Invite my business partner from Share organisation
  • Create a couple of business related collections, again, adding passwords as necessary.
  1. Can both of those users update stuff in the collection?
  2. Presumably on inviting them, they will get full access to their own personal vault outside of the Share organisation?

I realise I could set up two accounts, one for business and one for personal, however I like using biometrics for sign in. The windows app only allows a single login, therefore I could only use biometrics with one of the accounts. Also on my phone, I’d like to have to all of my passwords from one place rather than using Secure Folder on Samsung to allow me to install a second instance.

Welcome to the community,

You are correct, this is the way to do it.

  1. Yes you can both update the items in the collection by specifying a user type. For more information, click here
  2. If Bob creates an account on Bitwarden and you invite Bob to your Organisation. Bob will have his own personal vault (everyone who has a bitwarden account has a personal vault) and also have access to the collection which you have assigned to Bob.

For more info, go to Organizations | Bitwarden Help & Support
Regarding the Family plan: About Bitwarden Plans | Bitwarden Help & Support