Where can I find my Verification Code

I wonder if I can ask for some really basic help.

I just signed up and followed the steps on Jason Rebholz’s YouTube Video. I photographed the QR code and set 2 step login and Authy sent me a 6 digit code.

I then set up the Safari extension and switched off Password Saving on myMacbook.

I then tried to start the Safari extension- but it is asking for my Verification Code - I put in the one I initially got when I photographed the QR code, but it tells me that is no longer valid.

I don’t know where to look for a new validation code. Do I have to download Authy onto my iPhone and get it from there, or is it sending me a new code somewhere that I’m not finding?

Thanks for your help

You set up 2FA for BW with Authy as the authenticator.

How this works is that once set up, Authy will generate a new code every 30 seconds that you can use to authenticate yourself. Old codes won’t work.

Where did you originally set up Authy? Did you write down a recovery code (this is a 32-char alpha numeric code)?

@Wallis Welcome to the forum!

Depending on your answer’s to the questions asked by @Neuron5569, you may or may not be in trouble, and may potentially lose data stored in your Bitwarden account. Therefore, if you are still logged in to a Bitwarden app or browser extension on any device, I would highly recommend that you create a vault export in .json format (for example, in the browser extensions, go to Settings > Export Vault, or in the Desktop app, go to File > Export Vault).

The key question is this:

When the above happened (when you first set up two-step login), where was the Authy app that sent you the code? If that Authy app is still installed and available to you, you need to open that Authy app, find the entry that was created for Bitwarden, and see what 6-digit code it is currently displaying. The code changes every 30 seconds, so you will need to quickly transcribe it into the authenticator code input field in the Safari extension’s two-step login form.

P.S. I just took a look at Mr. Rebholz’s “Full Beginner’s Guide” video, and I would recommend that you stop taking his advice. He apparently knows just enough to be dangerous, and following what he says in the “Beginner’s Guide” video is not going to be your most secure option. Also, that video contains some outdated information.

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