When listing credentials for a site, any that are favorited should be at the top of the list

Feature favorite accounts in the list of accounts for a site

When bitwarden lists stored credential entries for a specific site, if any of the listed credentials are marked as Favorites that credential should be prominently featured at the top of the credential list.

As it is currently, the favorited credential just appears somewhere in the list, mixed among all of the other credentials. If I’ve marked one of many credentials for the same site as a favorite, it is likely the one I use most often. Making it stand out so it can be identified at a glance and selected would save time vs searching for it in the list of very similar items.

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I would go one farther and say that a favourite credential should be preferred for autofill over other credentials for the same URI, or you should be able to set a preferred order…

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I just created an account to suggest this exact feature. If I have multiple accounts for the same URI, but I favorite one of them, please “prefer” the favorite when auto-filling the login boxes. My use case is that I’m an IT Manager and have the logins for all student organization email accounts in my password manager. As it stands now, if I log into one of the student organization accounts, the next time I’m prompted to login for our SSO, that student organization account comes up, not my individual login.

Another user did point out that you can change the default behaviour for each credential. So what I ended up doing for any URI where I had multiple credentials was I turned off auto fill for all but the one I use most often. It worked for my use case…

Here’s the link to the helpful reply I got: