When creating a new item allow defaults for all fields

Here is my typical situation - trying to create several secure notes, which should all be of the same category, defined by the containing folder:

If I would be able to also select the folder (fact indicated by folder name shown in bold), then each subsequent click on the Add Item button, would result with this selected folder being set - instead of the current default No Folder (as shown below);

I placed the screenshot of the current situation, but as a new user, I am allowed one image per post :frowning:

I’m not sure what you’re asking here? Are you trying to auto set the folder for a few items? You can go into that folder and add an item, just change the type to secure note. If you’re trying to do both then that’s probably not something that’s supported at this time.

You can always make all the notes in the secure notes, then select them as a bundle and move them afterwards. If that helps at all (not sure if you have clutter in the No Folder folder that would make this more difficult or not. Perhaps a reason to give those items a folder :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine that it would be possible to select the Type (say Secure Note) and the folder (say banking) at the same time. Then each click on Add Item would create the form with both of these properties already selected.

Since Type and Folder cannot be both selected at the same time (a restriction that I find unnecessary) you can start a new item form with just one of the two attributes pre-selected.

Note that this is useful only in the process of creating a bunch of identical items.

Making sense?

That makes sense, and I’m sure people may benefit when building their vault initially having this. I’d even opt in for a timer for it, so say after 60 minutes or when it locks, the predefined set would get removed and go back to normal.

In the meantime, you can always make them as a secure note and then move them after in a batch move, or start in the folder and just change the dropdown each time to secure note. Really just what you think is easier to do for the process. I’d probably suggest the latter for this since you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering to go back and do anything, it’ll just be in your face before you add it since the format would be different.