When BW locks, clear clipboard and cookies

As a premium user let me say that BW works flawlessly for me, both on my Android and my Linux laptops. One area of concern for me is the concept of contaminated clipboards where there are “loose ends” regarding passwords, etc… after using those marvelous auto-fill functions within BW. Even without auto-fill a person would still have to cut and paste, which also involves the use of clipboards. On my Linux laptops I can easily manually clear clipboards and cookies but it would be nice to AUTO CLEAR them all upon lock of BW. BW makes the use of 20-30 character random/tough passwords easy as pie, and I don’t want to manually need to type them out all the time. Would such code be do-able or would it be beyond reach at a reasonable level of coding?

If this is implemented - please make sure it is possible to disable. I definitely don’t want anything cleared when BW locks.