What's the point of the standalone BW app?

What is the reason for having the Windows app? I have BW extensions in Chrome and Firefox and I have to log into them separately. So why do I need the app? It’s not like it’s for use with non-browser applications like Quickbooks, etc (but that would be GREAT if it was).

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I believe it is needed for windows hello integration if you want fingerprint


There are plans in the future to add AutoType in so that it can do password for applications, but currently, it is used for allowing biometrics like Windows Hello on the Browser plugins, as well as a way to access your passwords without needing to use a browser.

It also allows for offline access of passwords.

Not everyone uses Bitwarden for web passwords. Maybe you just want to use a password manager for storing passwords for your applications. It may also be used to store other sensitive information you rather keep encrypted such as Bank Details and Identification documents.


I find app much more useful when editing and organizing passwords. But once I’m done with it, then probably will not use it that much. I still like having an option and if you don’t need it, then just don’t use it.


What daki28 said. I’ve been cleaning up my passwords & Secure Notes, as I just migrated from LP to BW. And I find the standalone app MUCH easier to use.

Actually, any time I want to do anything to my passwords or notes–edit, review, find something, etc–I find the app easier. I only use the browser extension when I’m filling in a login online.