What is the purpose of "Sync"

Hi, I have Bitwarden installed on my laptop, desktop and android phone and any changes made to passwords, notes etc are instantly synced across my devices without me needing to do anything.

So I was wondering why there is a dedicated Sync button.


Because some of us don’t have the same luxury, if I understand correctly I believe the cloud server pushes a sync every 5 min, so if you make an edit on PC it’ll show up on your phone within the next 5 min after. I have had it where I make the edit and don’t have the update on my phone and have to manually sync it. It’s a nice button to have, but when the auto sync works it’s not needed.

Thanks for quick reply.

So it probably worth doing a manually sync and this will refresh/resync the server vault to my devices.


Ya from my experience it’ll update with the newest time stamp, so I’ve made the mistake of editing on 2 devices at the same time and lost my password after sync cause the device with the old password I saved after the new password, and then Synced. So make sure to only edit on one device before syncing as it will use the newest time stamp across all your logins.

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OK, I’ll do that. Thanks