What is bitwarden.eu?

There is no explanation that I can find anywhere - it’s just listed in a drop-down list of servers to login to. I’m in the UK so tried it out thinking it might be a closer server i.e. with reduced latency and so faster sync times, but I couldn’t login.
But then of course I remembered, silly me, the UK is no longer in the EU!

For users whose corporate policies require that all corporate data be stored on servers physically located in the European Union (or for users who otherwise prefer for their vault data not to be stored on servers located in the United States), Bitwarden offers the option to create an account on the bitwarden.eu server instead of the US-based bitwarden.com server.

Each server instance is completely independent, meaning that for an account registered on bitwarden.edu, the user cannot log in to that account using the bitwarden.com server (or vice versa). They will also not be able to join organizations hosted on the bitwarden.com server, or grant Emergency Access to Bitwarden users with accounts on bitwarden.com (or vice versa).

More information is available here:

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Tx that’s very useful and I had no idea.

Either way the convention with these drop down “server” choices is that they are usually intended for the user to pick their nearest server mirror, and so this departure from the norm really deserves some guidance in the BW UI. It’s really a discrete Account Domain rather than just a Server.

After some recent frustrations on a different pc where I had selected the .eu server and had repeated login failures I’d even run some malware detection utils in case some keylogger was capturing my vault password.

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