What if my pc gets a virus?

Hi, I have the desktop version and the browser extension installed. I think my computer got a virus. If it is true, are my passwords saved in bitwarden in danger?

Possibly, depending on the type of virus, if you are logged in and have a weak (crackable) Master Password, or even if you have a strong Master Password but have typed it on this computer since it was infected.

You log in to your Web Vault using a different computer (that has been confirmed to be free of malware), to deauthorize (log out of) all active devices, then change your Master Password and rotate your encryption key.

Then, you should change the passwords to your most sensitive accounts (banks, credit cards, etc.), to be safe.


Great advice. Exactly what I would do.

However; this solution only temporarily solves the problem unless the OP gets 100% control back on the computer that caused it in the first place.

OP — do you have a known clean backup of your BW vault? If not make sure and create at least two copies in two places (media).