What does "On system lock" mean?

Hello everyone

On Windows 10, using Vivaldi, the settings in BitWarden contains the option:
Settings > Security > Vault Timeout > On System Lock.

I have no idea what “system lock” means. Can anyone tell me? AFAIK, there isn’t a function in Windows 10 called “system lock”.


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@ugcheleuce System lock means you press windows key + L then the computer goes to screensaver/login screen and to use it you have to enter your windows password.
It’s the same as closing the lid on your laptop (with standard settings).

System lock makes it so it’s safe to leave your computer alone but makes it so you don’t have to shut down.


I like this functionality. Going away from the computer and just lock it to be safe. :slight_smile:

What happens if I just shut down my pc? That would still apply this rule?