What does "On system idle" vault timeout mean?

What exactly does the “Vault timeout” setting “On system idle” mean?

I’ve read Vault Timeout Options | Bitwarden Help Center, but that does not go into detail.

Is it referring to me, the user, being idle in the sense of not interacting with the mouse or keyboard? If yes, for how long?

I’m, particularly interested in behaviour on macOS, but Windows is relevant too.

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Hi @Mellbourn and welcome to the Community!

I’m not certain exactly sure what “On system idle” means, but I will give you my best guess since nobody else is responding with a definitive answer. My best guess is that it means the time when your screen automatically turns off but the computer is still running.

On the other hand, “On system sleep” is when your computer automatically suspends all operations, but you can reactivate it in exactly the same state as when it went to sleep.

This question was driving me crazy, but I think I found the answer in the code on github. Big caveat is that I’m an absolute beginner at coding and have only taken a couple online classes. That said, I found this line of code:

const IdleTimeout = 60000 * 10; // 10 minutes

I believe that this means that 10 minutes without any activity initiates a vault timeout. Since this is in the desktop app, I presume that means mouse/keyboard activity, but I can’t confirm that for sure, and didn’t check the other platforms.

This is where I found it, if someone with more coding expertise can confirm: https://github.com/bitwarden/clients/blob/eca060d7e6c18b6599bfce20b058a2cde8c514a7/apps/desktop/src/app/app.component.ts#L59