What Bitwarden Plans do I need?


I am looking at bit warden as an alternative now that it sounds like “emergency access” will be released in January.

When this does happen I probably will switch over from lastpass (though still evaluating if this meets all my needs).

I been playing around with bitwarden for a bit and so far I am liking it as it in many cases similar to lastpass.

However I am not sure in terms of account do I need (free, premium or family)

Right now I am the only person who uses any sort of password manager, I want to get my wife to start using it as well as she keeps using the same passwords over and over again.

Wife Features needed

  • Share passwords with me

Features I need

  • Attach encrypted documents that later can be shared (hopefully through emergency access as I want to share with people who don’t have bitwarden and probably would only install it once something happens to me)

  • share all important passwords like banking in an emergency

I commonly have to log into certain accounts my wife uses but never the other way around. Will the free account be able to sharing of passwords? I am not even sure if you can share passwords in Premium as the only thing that seems to allow sharing is familiies?

we put this help note together to help you choose :wink:

Yeah, I saw that but it confused me. It seems to be pointing me to a Family account though I think I might be able to get away even with 2 free accounts and later on 1 premium account and 1 free account.