Weird issue with 1 login

So I have 3 logins/accounts with a provider and thus multiple entries for that site in my bitwarden.
But I have an annoying issue JUST ONE of the logins just won’t work, BW won’t fill the form fields when I click the login. I have to copy/paste the username/password manually.
All the other 2 logins work fine.

the URL is the same for all of the logins, the settings are the same for all logins, and all logins show up when I visit the site and are clickable. So the URI match is correct, although I have tried changing the URI match to the base domain to rule out any match issues.

Obviously it’s not the site (, otherwise BW wouldn’t work period and none of my logins would FILL.
I have tried duplicating the login, same issues.

anyone got any ideas?

I have contacted BW support, but as it typical for support people, they don’t read previous replies, so we just go round in circles repeating the same thing over and over and getting nowhere.

Have you tried all available auto-fill methods?

  • Ctrl+Shift+L

  • Right-click context menu: Bitwarden > Auto-fill login >

  • Left-click Bitwarden browser extension icon at top of browser, then left-click the account name displayed in the “Logins” section at the top of the Tab screen.

  • Go to Settings > Auto-fill and change the value of “Show auto-fill menu on form fields” from “Off” to either “When auto-fill icon is selected” or “When auto-fill icon is selected” (try both). You may already be familiar with this feature, but if, not, this then requires you to click in the username or password field (or on the Bitwarden shield icon that is overlayed onto those fields) and select the account that should be auto-filled.

  • Go to Settings > Auto-fill and change the value of “Show auto-fill menu on form fields” back to “Off”, but enable the option “Auto-fill on page load”. In addition, edit the vault item for the account to make sure that the value of the dropdown menu labeled “Auto-fill on page load (if set up in Options)” has been set to “Auto-fill on page load”.

Do any of the above work?

And to be clear, all three accounts are logged in to the same Bitwarden browser extension on the same browser on the same device, correct?

none of the fill options work for this particular login.
I don’t use autofill, as it has a habit of auto filling on other forms I don’t want it to or auto filling the wrong login where I have multiple logins, which is common.

Are all three accounts are logged in to the same Bitwarden browser extension on the same browser on the same device?

Are you switching between these three Bitwarden accounts using the account switching feature (clicking on the profile icon — a colored circle with your initials — in the upper right corner of the browser extension window, then selecting a different account from among those listed on the “Switch Accounts” screen)?

And it works fine for 2 or your 3 Bitwarden accounts, but not when you use account switching to switch to the third Bitwarden account?

Edit: Re-reading this thread, I’m starting to think that I may have misunderstood your question. So you don’t actually have three Bitwarden accounts, but you have three different Hostek accounts, and three different vault items in your vault (one for each Hostek account), correct?

For the two accounts that do work, do all five methods described above work? By the way, all five methods are examples of what we call “auto-filling” (this just means that transferring the login credentials doesn’t require manual intervention, like copying and pasting). We distinguish between automatic auto-filling (which is called “auto-fill on page load” in Bitwarden) and on-demand auto-filling (e.g., using keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks to trigger the transfer of information).

yes that is correct, everything works for 2 logins, nothing works for 1 of them.

So when you go to the Hostek login page, does your Bitwarden browser extension icon show a badge counter with the number 3 or the number 2?

And if you press the Ctrl+Shift+L combination three times in a row, does it auto-fill Username1, then Username2, and then back to Username1?