Weird bug on mobile for Android

I have observed this multiple times now.

I keep the Admin password for one of my PCs in BW. When I need it, I open up the android app, select that record, and type it into the PC.

I have discovered that it fails to display correctly (when I click the eyeball symbol).

It doesn’t display the 3rd character from the end. Everything else displays properly.

I have to select Edit in order for that additional character to display, after which when I type it in on the PC it’s correct.

Couldn’t figure out why the PC kept rejecting the Admin password. It wasn’t until I opened my file-based local (alternative) PW manager and compared its stored password, that I discovered the difference.

Interesting. Is it a non-ASCII character?

No just a regular symbol (shift + key).

I am wondering if it’s the symbol itself or the 3rd character from the right, whatever that may happen to be.

2024.2.0 here. Putting in + character in a password, 3rd to the right, is displayed properly for me.

I also type in passwords from Android display regularly, and I have not seen what you described, although my typed passwords tend to be mostly alpha numeric.

I’ve seen this several times and I can reproduce it at will.

Again, switching to Edit mode reveals the password correctly.

I have the same issue, but for me it’s these that are not shown:
<\ and <

> and \ will show correctly.

To reproduce:

  1. Create new password entry with password including < or <\ (for example “<blabla<\”
  2. Save
  3. View item, and preview password. It shows as “blabla”.

@Shada Interesting! I can reproduce that on my mobile app!

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