Website URI fields all look the same but aren't in `Edit` mode

As seen in the attached images, the URI fields show the same content when viewing the card information, but when you go into Edit mode, the full URIs are correctly displayed.

This causes the problem that the user doesn’t know which website to Launch or Copy URI to.

Display full URIs in view mode

  • When a user is just viewing a record, it should be possible to view the full URI without having to hover over the URI field or go into edit mode to see what the URI is actually referencing.

Feature function

  • Instead of having all URIs only showing the domain, it will now display all that is in the URI field.

  • This feature will make it faster for users to distinguish which URI they need to click on to Launch or Copy URI of.

  • If a user doesn’t want this function, then have a setting in the app preferences to toggle this on or off.

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I completely agree with this. Having to hover over a URI to determine the full address makes figuring out what type of match will be performed very difficult.
I would also add that the default view mode should display the type of match that will be performed against said URI. This is a security flaw in my opinion because it is so difficult to determine when my passwords will auto-fill. In view mode we should see something like:

https://discipletools.local/wp-login.php (Base domain)

Or maybe even better yet, also have the matching part of the URI colored when matching is for “Base domain” or “Host.” Then most users wouldn’t even need to consult the docs to figure out what is going to match.