Web Vault to link to Bitwarden on-premise app in users confirmation email

When administrators receive an email about the action to confirm the user to Organization, in email we have a following:

“1. Log in to your [Web Vault] and open your Organization.”

It would be nice to have that this [Web Vault] leads to our on-prem Bitwarden application, not to Bitwarden Web Vault

I think you can add this by editing some of the files of your installation. It shouldn’t be too difficult.
@tgreer will probably be able to help.


For other email notifications everything is setup correctly and it leads to on-prem Bitwarden application, but this is the only case where it leads to Bitwarden Web Vault.

I’ve raised this issue with the engineering team, it’s possibly just an oversight. We’ll get it on the list :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information a lot!

Thanks to @vachan, @mgibson and @djsmith85 - this should be addressed in an upcoming release: Update web vault link on mail template by vachan-maker · Pull Request #1606 · bitwarden/server · GitHub

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Thanks for the update :slight_smile: