Web vault not using responsive design on small devices (cell phones)

Okay I’m on
With my cell phone, and I can’t believe it. You guys don’t have your website ready for people using a cell phone. They have to move around the screen because your website only expects desktop users. I’m kind of how do you say flabbergasted. I mean I was very impressed with all those Primetime reviews I heard about b i t w a r d e n but I never expected nobody’s ever gotten around to making the website cell phone friendly.

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Okay, I’m setting preferences here and there but because the screen is so large and I can only see a small part of it, I can’t really see any success message that my preference ever got saved or not. maybe it’s somewhere on the other part of the screen.

Sure I got a desktop computer and even another desktop computer (a laptop that I put on my desk) but today I’m giving you my honest cell phone review so you can improve.

Okay, now I have set the v a u l t time out preference.

But what if I wanted to reset it to the default? Well sorry there’s absolutely no way. One has to get on Google and find this message that I’m posting and it’ll say that the default was 15 minutes. So there ought to be a reset button for it.

By the way, you might want to offer the same exact choices about the Vault timeout, within the app and within the website. In fact you can even offer the sync them too.

Okay we click customize, and we realize that it’s just simply changing the color of our initials’ (JFK, MLK) background. So might as well call it change color otherwise nobody’s going to be impressed when they click it. One might have thought that they could use their g r a v i t a r but that’s not the case.

Okay I finally found a verify email link. It is on Bitwarden Web Vault …, well, one of those pages. And it’s up there in the upper right corner. I only found it because I was just moving around with my tiny view from my cell phone scanning all around the edges of the page and there it was. Hallelujah. No it’s not in any menus.

I also found a place where I can fill in my full name. I recall other apps that have the percentage…: “Fill in your details.” You’re 60% finished 80% finished 100% finish. You could perhaps add that as a feature.

Yes I’m sure you purposely don’t do that I bet.

Okay I have verified my email. But I didn’t see any congratulations or success message or anything.

And indeed, the brown verifier email link is still sitting there. So okay I’ll touch it again and poof… it turns into a green check mark that says it’s already verified. Well I guess that’s better than nothing.

On cell phones, users typically use one of the mobile apps instead of the Web Vault interface. Vault timeout choices are specific to each client app/device, because the threat profile will be different for each.

Thanks for the feedback all, will pass along to the team.