Web show logging as another user when logout

I have first created an account with Bitwarden. A few days later, I have a created an account for my wife which is using yahoo as her login.
When I login on Bitwarden and then logout, Bitwarden is showing Logging in as @yahoo.com which is my wife account. This remain the same even after login and logout again.
I have even use Chrome developer option to Empty Cache and Hard Reload.
Please advise how do I revert the Logging in to my account without clearing the entire browser cache?

Try the “not you?” link shown below her email address.

Hey @Veneering5177,

This is a recent change to the web-vault that is done to provide an easier [https://bitwarden.com/help/log-in-with-device/#logging-in-with-a-device](https://passwordless login) experience.

In your post just below your wife’s email …@yahoo.com there is the selection for Not you? which will allow you to enter your email address as needed.

I have clicked “Not you?” to login to my account.
But when I logout, it reverts to [email protected] which is my wife Bitwarden account.

Mhmm that seems very strange indeed, when I go to the web-vault I am presented with the last logged in account. If I select to login I can login as normal, logout shows account 1, I can select Not you? which then takes me back to enter the email for another account where I can login with account 2.
If I logout here, or reload the web-vault in another window then I am still presented with the last logged in account, account 2.

Even when changing email addresses I tested the option to uncheck :black_square_button: Remember email, which when the account in question is logged out and the web-vault is loaded no email is shown and it only shows the Email address field to fill.
Perhaps you can try this, sign in to your account with Remember email un-selected or the same with your wife’s account and see if that will assist.

Otherwise I would recommend to contact Bitwarden via their support channels, or if it can be reproduced you may file a Github issue detailing any information you can.

Are you using the browser in incognito mode?

nope. not in incognito mode.

In that case, I would echo Kent’s advice:

Try firefox and see if there is any difference. is there a chance that you don’t actually click on logout and just close bitwarden tab or click on lock instead of logout?

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To answer your specific question: the remembered email is stored in in-browser Local Storage specific to vault.bitwarden.com. Clicking on Site Sittings → Cookies → vault.bitwarden.com → Local storage and removing it should reset things back to scratch as far as your browser is concerned. Alternatively, in Developer Tools you can go to the Application tab and find it under Storage->Local Storage->https://vault.bitwarden.com (and either remove it at that level or if you want to drilldown, the relevant variables are under “global”).

While the above will certainly work, it should not be necessary. I’m unable to reproduce the behavior you’re describing. Perhaps we’re overlooking a small (but important) difference in our respective reproduction steps. Here’s mine…

To update the parameter it should be sufficient to either:

  1. Log in successfully using your preferred email address with the “Remember email” option selected
  2. Uncheck the “Remember email” option and log in successfully on the non-preferred account

I just confirmed both of these scenarios work as I’d expect (at least for me - as the saying goes!). I also monitored the relevant fields (global->rememberEmail/rememberedEmail) in real-time in Local Storage and saw them update in the way I’d expect.

Note that just selecting “Not you?” alone on the password prompt screen will not suffice to change/remove the saved email settings. The saved settings won’t be removed until a successful login (presumably on the preferred account) with “Remember email” either toggled on or off (it doesn’t matter which - it’ll be followed as chosen and, in any case, replace the prior settings) is completed.

Tested in Edge and Chrome.