Web Extension Support [iOS 15, etc]

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  • Auto complete

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  • WebExtensions Support for All Browsers (including Safari; now with iOS & iPadOS support)

Feature function

  • WebExtensions seems to be the way to go for any browser extension. As of iOS 15, WebExtensions are available to mobile Safari (while having been in macOS Safari since the last version.) As such, I think it’d make sense & be nice to use to have this fully embrace WebExtensions for all browsers & then make it available to mobile Safari through that method (a-la 1Password’s latest update.)
  • The password auto-fill from past version is still great for iOS, but its integration can be furthered with on-page autofill as of iOS15 (no need to pull up the password menu as the WebExtension can immediately act on the page & form fields, etc.)

Related topics + references


It would also be nice to add support for password update recognition.

Currently if a password is updated, the use must manually update the password in their vault. Instead, using the newly available extension functionality, the password manager shlould recognize if the password for a given domain is different than the one previously stores and offer to update it.

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I agree that extensions in iOS 15 may be the future but please do not remove actual working functionalities like share sheet and autofill.
Consider that many are switching away from 1Password because they removed share sheet functionality.
This is how I found about bitwarden after being a 1Password user since nearly ten years.


Auto complete & update recognition. pls