Web client pops up editor when clicking on item: no read-only view?

Hi: I’m trying bitwarden out as a potential 1Password replacement (to share with my family); I’ve noticed one odd UI behaviour: in the desktop app (and in 1Password, web app and desktop app) if you click on an item (identity, login, etc.) you see the stored fields in a read-only form, with an edit button in case you want to make changes; but in the web app clicking on an item directly pops up an editor: there seems to be no read-only view available. This editor view is bulky and hard to read, and I don’t like the idea that I might inadvertently make an edit without meaning to. Am I missing something? Or is this really the only item view UI available in the web app?



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Hi Mike - welcome!

You are correct that in the web vault (browser view of Bitwarden), clicking on an item takes you directly into edit mode. I think this is because the web vault isn’t normally used for copying credentials into websites or apps. The web vault is normally used for editing and maintenance of personal vaults and organizational management.

If you are in a web browser, the Bitwarden browser extension is far more useful for browsing and filling credentials. And it opens items in your vault in read-only mode by default.

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Thanks for the quick + informative response. I’m shying away from the browser extension because it (presumably necessarily) requires read+write to all browsing data, so I guess I would have to switch between the web app and the desktop app, depending on whether I’m managing or simply looking up my passwords.