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WearOS app -

As an Android user, I want the ability to respond to log-in requests via my Samsung watch

I recognize that there is an Apple Watch app in the works, but as an Android user this does not help me. Please DO NOT merge this request with the Feature request for an Apple Watch app unless they are on identical release schedules. Thank you.


Hey @Halstead_York welcome to the fourms! As per the message on the Apple Watch request, these are separate requests, and will not be merged.


I’d really like to see this feature as well. Commenting mostly so that this suggestion will show up if someone searches for or “Wear OS” or “WearOS” (with or without space).


Really hope the WearOS app could be developed sooner. I’m desperate to have this feature as an Android user.

Yes, I’d like an app for Wear OS as well. I have a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

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would like to see app for pixel watch.

this would apply to the lte version of the watch so i may not have my phone with me. just the watch.
more apps coming for the watch that will probably need this.
i also have secure notes and mfa stuff i’d like to get access to when my phone isn’t around.
it would be difficult to type in a long password, so i suggest that it be able to be opened using an nfc enabled key, such as my yubikey. the yubikey can contain my password for use if needed.

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Hi @mtkenzer and welcome to the Community!

I like your idea because I’m an Android/Pixel user as well. A slightly more generic version of this Feature Request has already been made related to Wear OS, the operating system that the Pixel Watch uses:

@grb or @bw-admin - Maybe it makes sense to combine these into one Feature Request?

i searched for watch but not for wearos. my bad. lol. i agree with combining these. should i cancel this one and repost on the other? advice? and thanx for the welcome.

@mtkenzer That is completely understandable. I just happen to remember it when I saw your post.

I would wait because the Admins will probably merge it for you.

I agree with mtkenzer. It would be really awesome as the owner of an LTE Google Pixel watch to be able to access my Bitwarden stuff without my mobile phone being within range of the watch.

I fully support for a version for WearOS.
Really, I’ve wondered so many times how much quicker getting my things done would be if I used my watch instead my phone, or browser extension

I have a Suunto 7 and also give a huge :+1: for this.


I’d like an app for Wear OS as well.
Waiting it :slight_smile:

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I think it will be very useful, my main use case is to get OTP code from WearOS app.

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Many people need 2F2/OTP at work. It’s really helpfull have OTP generator on smartwatch.
Hope a WearOS beta (like iPhone) and can use all features (passwords and OTP in an app).
Thank you

@elMarce Welcome to the forum!

FYI, you can already use Bitwarden’s TOTP authenticator on an Apple Watch.

Google Wear OS Smartwatch App required.

To check access/manage Bitwarden from wrist itself without relying on mobile every time would be very easy and convenient.

I too would love a bitwarden app on my smartwatch. Would be nice if the code would pop up on my smartwatch when I was logging in on desktop to a site with totp.

I have to create a new password monthly for work, annoyingly, and when I do the totp will copy over the saved password. Bitwarden is not always the best at remembering the new password.

Also it would be great if the WearOS app could accept login with device request without connecting to the phone.

Another vote for WearOS app. The impending demise of the Authy app on desktop is pushing me to target a new TOTP manager app for android phone and WearOS. Bitwarden is my first preference, and availability of WearOS app would give me reason to pony up for premium subscription. Failing that, the only other decent option for me to replace Authy is AuthenticatorPro.

A few points to consider:

  • target should be WearOS 3.0+, 2.0 is already deprecated
  • don’t hold up planning/dev commitment by requests that require phone or LTE connection. Core functionality needed is: display TOTP code for accounts selected to be on Watch App. Anything more is gravy and should be pushed to later release and not hold up first release.
  • it was quite hard to find this feature release to vote on, I suspect it may be under-represented in terms of community interest
  • AuthenticatorPro is full open-source, easy pickings for BitWarden to hoist code for BitWarden WearOS and Android apps (with appropriate OS community interactions, of course!). This could hopefully accelerate BW’s own work in this space.