WealthSimple Auto-fill Broken

Auto-fill has stopped working with WealthSimple: Wealthsimple | Smart investing

They recently re-designed their login page. I’ll note that the inputs do not have a name attribute, and id/classes are dynamic (they change on every page load).

I never had a need to look at how they handled their previous login page input elements, so I cant compare what the form looked like while it was working.

Does this particular setup render it impossible for BitWarden to auto-fill? Or is this just a bug that’s preventing this from working?

@dotshooks Welcome to the forum!

I cannot reproduce your issue. Using the Chrome browser extension on a Windows 11 system, Bitwarden successfully does on-demand auto-fill of the WealthSimple login form, with no special configuration of custom fields required.

I did note that automatic auto-fill (“auto-fill on page load”) fails on this page, must likely because the login form input elements are not yet rendered when the webpage HTML is initially loaded. In such cases, there is no solution that will make it possible for auto-filling to occur automatically. Nonethless, you can still auto-fill your login credentials using any of the available methods for on-demand auto-fill (e.g., keyboard shortcut, browser extension pop-up, right-click context menu, or inline autofill menu).

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Sorry, you’re correct, I was referring to the automatic auto-fill. Thank you for the insight – makes sense. Cheers.

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