Weak passwords sorting

I’ve noticed that the weak passwords report is sorted alphabetically. In my case there are a bunch that I don’t intend to update to stronger passwords anytime soon, but I think that anything that is marked “Very Weak” should be shown to me first rather than randomly in the list.

So would you consider to add a sorting button to change between “Alphabetical” and by “Severity”?

Just to make sure, is this about https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/tools/weak-passwords-report on the web vault?
I think it is good to emphasize weak passwords on the top of the list too.

Yep that’s the one.

Not exactly as suggested, but sent a PR to sort by Severity.

I’m merely a new contributor to the project so I cannot ensure if this feature will be merged and shipped.


Provided some feedback, once done should be good to go, thanks for the contribution @naokiri !

PR merged and queued up for testing. Thanks again @naokiri !