Way to add/exclude special characters in the password generator, missing special characters that should be added, and a new feature to add emojis in passwords

1.) There needs to be a way to exclude Special Characters as some sites don’t support the #, ^, % or other certain special characters. There should be a box next to each special character that can be checked or unchecked.

Or you can try how Enpass Offline Password Manager handles special characters. I will also apply an image below this that shows how Enpass Offline Password Manager handles this. They allow the user to type the special character they want to exclude or only include.

The way I hope Bitwarden implements this feature is having a box to check next to each special character it could look like:

:white_check_mark: !

:white_check_mark: @

:x: #

2.) Also some Special Characters are missing from the password generator. At the moment the special characters that the Password Generator generates is:

@ ! # * $ % ^ &

The missing Special Characters that should be added to the password generator to be able to generate is:

< | ( ) . : ; ” - ‘ [ ] { } + = ~ _ - / ? \

3.) Lastly should also make a way to be able to add emojis to passwords. As Kaspersky Password Manager allows this feature.

Here is a video of that emoji feature:

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