Warn of leading and/or trailing whitespace spaces in username or password

It’d be nice if the Bitwarden clients would warn you if you’re storing leading and/or trailing whitespace (spaces) in the username or password field. An accidental space at the start end end of these fields can cause your login not to work and is difficult to stop. This check would help prevent issues like this:

I found it interesting that St Luke’s site showed no error message whatsoever. Typically, I will see a ‘user name and or password not recognized,’ which would have highlighted the trailing space problem. The St Luke’s IT person I talked to felt I should see have seen some error message also. Moral of the story: beware of preceding/trailing spaces.

It would be nice. However, if you are having a problem it is easy to copy the stored password into a text editor and take a look at it.

There are also other characters which will not display in some circumstances, should all of them be scanned for? That may be complicated.

It’s relatively easy to use a text editor to check for for this if you remember, if you’re aware of this type of problem and if you’re technically inclined. I’ve personally ran into this type of issue before and it’s still not the first thing that pops into my mind if I have a login issue.

Good point about other non-displayable characters. My guess is that whitespace characters (tabs and spaces) probably cause this issue most of the time. I don’t know how easy it is (or if it’s possible) to get other non-displayed characters (like newline or carriage return) stored into these fields. However if they wanted to check for more characters I don’t think it’d be difficult to check for a list of characters.

Another option would be to scan the input password and exterminate non-displayable characters. However, that is perhaps as big a can of worms as the problems such characters may cause if they are not exterminated.

I meant to say “An accidental space at the start or end”, not “end end”.

I had many leading or trailing spaces after import from LastPass. Not sure if I did something wrong or this is normal ? In that case this would be really nice.

Even characters like " seem to cause issue: