Viewing attached photos?

Hi all
I have recently installed Bitwarden Individual Premium on my PC and iPhone12.
I have imported all my passwords from Firefox and also added a number of credit and other cards to the Cards section via the PC ‘web vault’ login.
With a few of the ID cards I wanted to have a photo of the card attached, so if I don’t have the actual physical card with me, I could open this item on my iPhone and show the necessary person the photo of the card and details as proof I have one.
I took a photo of these cards with my iPhone and used the ‘attachments’ menu on the iPhone app to choose and upload the photos from my iPhone photo album.
Now I have two issues:

  1. The photo file shows at the bottom of each Card item, though how can I view the actual photo from this location? The only link I see is a download link and once it downloads, some options (shown in my attached screenshot below) appear. None of those open the photo or seem to give me a chance to open it elsewhere. How can I simply/easily view a photo I attach to a Card item?
  2. When selecting and uploading photos from my iPhone I have had the same photo upload with different extensions? One is .JPG and the other is .HEIC extension. I used axactly the same process for both uploads. Both are the same photo from the same photo album but they uploaded with different name, extension and file size (see my 2nd screenshot). Why would this be and which is is supposed to be?
    Your help is appreciated.
    Sorry, as a new member I can only attach one screenshot!
    Will reply to my own post with the second screenshot.

My 2nd screenshot:

Hi David - welcome!

Unfortunately, the ability to view attachments from within the app is a feature that is not yet available. A lot of people would like to see this, so if you want to add your vote to the list to accelerate its development, see this thread:

Also, one user found a workaround to open Bitwarden attachments seamlessly in iOS without having to perform a manual download first - the instructions are buried in that same thread, but here is a link directly to them, in case they are of any interest to you:

Regarding the difference in photo filenames, that’s a known Apple quirk. I couldn’t find it right away, but I remember reading somewhere how to overcome it - I think it was on the Apple support forums. Sorry that I couldn’t locate that for you.

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Thanks so much for your very quick reply.
Yes, I believe it would be a function used by most users and will definitely add my support via the thread.

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