Very confused on premium features and cost

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I want to have sharing AND attachments allowd for 2 people.
I want to have unlimited collections for organizing what I share.

How do I do this?

Do I need 2 individual premium accounts?
Do I need a family account?
Do I need a team account?

Very confusing… thanks!


To share items you’ll need an organization. Family organizations seem like the best bet for you, as they will allow premium features and sharing.

Here’s some more information that may be helpful:

Yep, @tgreer is correct. A family organization is the way to go.

Attachments are a premium feature, so both of you need the premium features.

Technically, you can host a free organization to share items, but it is limited to only TWO collections, which doesn’t sound like that is enough for you. Also, I am not sure if you get shared attachments with the free organization (Trey can probably confirm), but you definitely can do it with a Family Organization plan.

Just to add to the above, Family comes with Premium access for each member.