Version control entire items

Feature name

Version control entire items

Feature function

What will this feature do differently?

Currently only the password history is saved, but, sometimes there is other vital information which if lost would render the account inaccessible, this is particularly applicable to the kind of multi-factor authentication systems which ask for a secret in addition to the password which I am currently storing in the notes section or as a custom field.

What benefits will this feature bring?

It will prevent the loss of important information. Not that I have lost anything yet, I am just considering the possibility.

Related topics + references

LastPass has this feature.


  • Password history feature should be replaced with this.
  • It should be possible to …
    • delete versions.
    • protect versions from deletion.
    • hide version information from users the item is shared with.
    • see a plain text diff between two items.
    • restore an older version.
    • configure the automatic clean-up of older versions.
      • global setting to remove versions older than a set number of days. (default 30?)
      • global setting to remove versions when the number of versions exceeds a set number. (default 100?)

This is a must have in my opinion and why i switch back to lastpass.
The notes of password entries and the “Secure Notes” don’t have any history.
C’mon even my old KeePassX safe can do this.

I had a bunch of AES256 keys added to the notes of an account and on accident added a char and saved it, this would render the key useless, luckily i had it on my lastpass account as well.

Even if i added the keys separately in the “secure notes” this would have happened because there is no history as well.