Version 6 is not supported

Hello everyone,

i have installed bitwarden on a local machine in docker. After logging in to Bitwarden, getting the Enterprise license for my users, I logged in to my local bitwarden server and wanted to deposit the license. But now I got the error message “Version 6 is not supported”. Can anyone help me? I have updated my Docker Container to the latest version and also updated it again to be on the safe side.

In the picture you can see the error message.

Is this Bitwarden official or Bitwarden_rs?

I think it is bitwarden offical.

I installed it following these instructions.

Thanks! You’ll want to do 2 things to make sure we’re in the right spot:

  1. Perform update and updateself on your Bitwarden instance to make sure you’re on the latest server images.
  2. Download your license file once more from and attempt to upload it.

We did resolve some issues re: licensing recently, so hopefully that will get you up and running!

If not, definitely reach out to our customer success team here - as a paid customer you get priority support :slight_smile:

Same problem as befor. I wrote a message to the support thanks. :slight_smile:

Exact same problem for me. Messaged support and hope this can be resolved quickly.

Edit: Support answered very quickly.
I already had updated my instance - but be sure to log out and log in again before importing the license. That fixed it for me and it accepted the new license without a problem.