Vault website icons

I am seeing weird behavior relating to a few vault item website icons. For most of the vault the icons work, except for some items. I have a registered I have reverse proxy going between two different sites to access a NAS. As an example and Both of the NAS’ are relatively set up the same. I am able to get a website icon on the URI, but not on I have two separate vault entries for each of the above. If I change the to the icon appears (even as a second now dup. vault entry), but when I revert the uri back the icon goes away. I’ve tried temporarily turning off all firewalls to rule out a firewall issue. In addition, I run a unifi docker container which is at a domain name of, that website icon comes through to the vault, so it’s definitely not firewall related.

What drives website icons? How does the vault pull it? Why would I see a difference between the two sites?

Hi @Gerardv514 , please take a look here for more information about the icon server. Hope this helps!

I think I found the issue. I have two local dns records which point to a local ip in the same network. Once I turned off those dns records, which results in the traffic going out to the public net then back in to the network, the icons generated.