Vault Timeout Inconsistent on Chrome

I have all of my timers set to 4 hours—web, desktop app, Chrome, and Firefox. Sometimes, when I input my Windows Hello on the Chrome extension, it will timeout about 5-10 seconds after putting it in. If I immediately interact with the extension after inputting my credentials, this doesn’t appear to happen. It’s incredibly odd behavior. Thoughts?

To be able to use Windows Hello (=Biometrics) within the extension you also need the desktop app to be running and to be logged in. For details see here: → Browser extension

I always sign into the desktop app first. Then, I sign into the Chrome extension. I may have found a possible solution. Hopefully, the devs can look into it.

Upon signing into the Chrome extension, the sign out issue doesn’t occur if I click on an empty space in the extension when it first opens. If I immediately click away to go back to watching a video or whatever, it logs out in about five seconds or so.

I tried to reproduce the issue on Firefox, too. No issues. Appears to be a Chrome thing. It does not appear to be intentional.

There appears to be a similarly related issue on GitHub.

Can you confirm if this issue is close to what you are experiencing? If so I would recommend possibly adding some further information about your environment and steps to reproduce the issue in the GitHub issue linked, or possibly get in contact directly with Bitwarden’s support team.

It’s somewhat similar. I’ll lock my extension again to reproduce it.

Edit: Figures. I try to reproduce it again intentionally and nothing happens. Was the extension updated recently?

Okay. I was able to reproduce the issue while watching Twitch.

  1. Sign into the desktop app first (used Windows Hello PIN).
  2. Sign into the Chrome extension (used Windows Hello PIN).
  3. When the Chrome extension unlocks, click outside of the extension immediately so the extension drop down disappears.
  4. After about five seconds, the extension should (incorrectly) lock itself again.

The only workaround I’ve found is to click somewhere within the extension first.