Vault Not Unlocking

brand new noob fumbling about here, can someone explain please:
I’ve set up my account the other day, and i have a desktop [windows 10] icon. clicked on that today to get to my account and it says “vault is locked, verify master password to continue”. i’ve put my password in but clicking the unlock button does nothing. has my name and at the top right.



could it be that the Bitwarden desktop app asks for your PIN (that you set up previously in the Bitwarden desktop app) and not your master password to verify your identity/master password?


Additional info: when your vault is locked, that means you are still “logged in” and you don’t have to enter your master password again.

Here is a screenshot from my desktop app when my vault is locked - maybe you see in your app too, that it is asking for the PIN:


(German: “gesperrt” = locked)

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thanks for the replies - i think it had got mixed up a bit. when i created my account to see what BW was like, i used my hotmail add. when i decided to keep it i went premium and changed my email add to a gmail one for ease of use. the desktop icon was saying i was logged in as the hotmail add, but i’ve logged out and back in and it’s all fine now, unlocked properly.

Glad you found the solution! :+1: