Vault locked, strange message

2021-05-13 13_45_20-Bitwarden Web Vault - Opera


Today, in the web version of bitwarden I saw strange meessage: “Logged in as $1 on”

What does it mean? Should I be worried about this?


I believe that is a reference to the email/user in the code. We did perform a release and a patch this week, so its possible your vault is in a strange state. Doing a force refresh should clear it, but if not - reach out to our team at and they can help troubleshoot or capture a bug report :slight_smile:

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hi @Chris_Carnaby , I was able to reproduce this, as this occurs when the account is no longer logged in. In this case, I reproduced this in the following way:

  1. Log in
  2. Lock vault
  3. Click “Log Out”
  4. Click the browser’s Back button once logged out
  5. Notice you’re logged in as a fresh and crisp $1 bill.

Are you still seeing this, or perhaps certain a keyboard shortcut, backspace button or side-mouse button/wheel that triggered the browser’s back button wasn’t pressed after an account log out event?



Thanks for reply. I’m not sure how did this happen.

Now I see “Logged in as myemailadress

I just wanted to know if there is something to be worried about, but as I see it’s just only a small bug.


Just a small tip!

I also had this message after my vault has gone into a locked state. The URL is then

Refreshing the browser (soft refresh and hard refresh) did not work and was keeping me in a loop.

Then I changed the URL to
and was able to log in again to Bitwarden.

I’m also experiencing this problem all of a sudden.
The vault times out and goes to

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hi there @Thibaultmol, did you you have a chance to try the recommendation from @hondel posted above? Vault locked, strange message - #5 by hondel

I mean yeah, that’s what I do. But I should never land on this page in the first place.
I think it happens when the vault just times out