"Vault locked" message when autofilling passwords inspite of vault being unlocked

So I am using the Bitwarden Android app. I have autofill services checked (along with “use inline autofill”). I have set vault timeout to 4 hours. I unlock the vault with biometrics, then proceed to try to log in somewhere. In spite of the vault being unlocked, when it comes to autofilling a password on a website on my phone, it just displays “vault locked” in the inline autofill box, instead of filling in the password. What am I doing wrong here please? (Is it a browser incompatibility problem? I’m using DuckDuckGo).


Hi @Brainfog, welcome to Community! :wave:

There can be a variety of reasons auto-fill isn’t working just right - some may be due to the type of device in use. Have you already checked out the Common Troubleshooting Steps for Android?