Vault Items - Multiple Colour Option

I would like to request the option to change the colour of the login type backgrounds in the vault menu, for example, make the ‘Favourites’ a light blue colour as per my image below. This would help distinguish important logins from those used less often making them stand out more, but also help categorise the vault by colour.

As someone who uses the ‘folder’ option a lot to categorise my logins, I’d find it especially useful if I could also group those folders by colour. I have a number of related folders so this would help make sense of a long list.

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Hey @Chris_S and welcome to the community,

You may also like to check out a recent feature request here which might be similar to what you are requesting here.

Hi, thank you for the link, I guess I’m not the only one who would enjoy this feature request. I did look through the feature requests before posting my own but didn’t see the one you linked too. Oh well, at least it shows an interest :slight_smile: