Vault doesn't sync, browser to browser

I read other related threads here, but I’m still not clear about this syncing issue.

I have Bitwarden installed on Firefox and Chrome.

In the past they would sync after changes were made in one of the browsers, but in the past several days I was having Google account login problems.

I had made some account password changes not too long ago, but I had an unexpected notification from Google Play services, one I would typically expect directly after a login or password change, to verify a login on a secondary account (I don’t use it much). On Firefox, I tried to login to the account with Bitwarden, but the password wasn’t accepted. I couldn’t understand, since this password was usable recently. I changed the password.

Bitwarden didn’t prompt me to update the information. I manually added the password.

Afterwards, when I was using Chrome, I realized the Bitwarden changes were not reflected there. I noticed that Chrome was not logged into Google. This seems to occur occasionally, for reasons I can’t explain. I thought, How could that affect Bitwarden? Was that the problem? It turns out logging in did not help.

I went to check the password in Bitwarden on Chrome. Turns out it was one that existed some time ago. It was not current. I believe the password had been changed at least twice since then.

I don’t know if the security implications and the Bitwarden issues are related, i.e. are my Bitwarden problems reflective in some way that there may be a security concern.

I know it may sound like a stretch, but along with everything else, that Google login notification is kinda suspicious.

Also, are those types of notifications supposed to come from “Google Play Services” instead of just “Google”? I don’t recall that being the case, but I’m probably wrong?

Hey @bituser just to troubleshoot, have you tried using the SyncSync vault now setting in the browser extension.

HI @dwbit,

Thanks, I didn’t realize that was an option. Sounds like something that would be more apparent and convenient if placed on the main toolbar button drop down interface.

Is that the only method, or does it also sync automatically. If so, is somehow setup for specific times/intervals? Can it be custom scheduled for sync?

Vault syncing should happen by default every 30 minutes for Organization items or automatically update items with the use of Websockets as explained here.

In addition to the manual sync option provided in the client as described above.

Can you confirm you are running the standard installer and have updated your self-hosted instance?

Hello cksapp,

They’re browser addons on the desktop, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, and Brave,

Also Firefox android, and the the Bitwarden android app.

To be clear, is Websockets a built in option that can be activated?

While I’m composing this message, I got this notification

Currently using Firefox desktop. Never sen that before.

@bituser can you confirm if cloud or self-hosted.