Vault autofilling its own password

The Bitwarden desktop Vault (Bitwarden Web Vault) is auto-filling its own Master Password. How do I get it to stop doing this? I’m using Chrome browser on a Chromebook. I’ve turned off Google auto-fill. On the URL box I clicked the padlock and deleted all Cookies for the site. But when I reload the tab, it automatically fills in “Email Address”, “Master Password”, and checks YES to “Remember email”. How do I get it to stop doing this?

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

The “desktop vault” is not the same as the “web vault”, so you will have to more clearly specify whether you are only using one of these (and if so, which one), or both. Have you installed the Chrome browser extension, as well? Are you running any other password manager software? One of those two possibilities would be the most likely culprit for causing the web vault login screen to be auto-filled, in my opinion.

As far as I know, the “Remember email” option is checked by default.

Hi. Sorry for not providing enough info. I’m referring to opening up a tab on the Chrome browser on my Chromebook. I wasn’t using the browser extension (which is installed) or the Chromebook app (which I did install from the Chrome Web Store). Just a tab on the Chrome browser on my Chromebook.

Does the same thing happen if you open the Web Vault website in an Incognito Browser?

No! Thank you! Incognito did not prefill Email Address and Master Password. What the heck. Why did it do that?

Incognito mode prevents browser extensions from running, unless you have explicitly enabled an extension from running in incognito mode (using the “Allow in Incognito” setting). Thus, it seems that one of your browser extensions was auto-filling the password on the Bitwarden Web Vault login page, and that switching to Incognito mode stopped this from happening by disabling all of your browser extensions.

if you want to troubleshoot further, you can enable or disable each of your browser extensions one by one, until you find which one was responsible for autofilling your web vault login.

Are you certain you did not save your Bitwarden login and password inside your Bitwarden vault and then enable autofill?