Various Features

Sorry there are just too many list of features to request, so I’m just going to list them out.

  • Windows Hello - (Already in request list)
  • Push Acceptance to bitwarden mobile app when trying to login to bitwarden account (Shouldnt need to rely on duo)
  • Geo Fencing
  • Device whitelisting and acceptance. Currently if a person manages to login, all you get is a notification of logged in, yes I’m aware 2fa will help in such situations, nevertheless there should be various levels of trust. Can also use push notification to BW mobile app to accept said new device.
  • Granular user locking support (user can set number of attempts before blacklisting said IP to that account, requires user to visit a link to unlock, devices that have authenticated will automatically set those IP’s as authenticated to that user). Will help with Brute force