UX: Change tab-index of Account switcher

It is more of a UX change request. When using CTRL + F to search through the vault some people like me use TAB key to quickly select the vault item and CTRL + P to copy its password or etc. But after the update TAB key selects the Account switcher menu first rather than the vault item. I believe most people don’t switch accounts too often. Therefore what I propose is please revert/change the TAB index so that we can quickly search and select the vault item again.

Feature name

  • Change of TAB key index of Account switcher

Feature function

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    • Bringing back the ability of quickly selecting the vault item.


When I type my search query and then press TAB key, the focus goes to the number 2. By pressing TAB key again the focus goes to the number 3. I believe this behaviour is not optimal. It would be better if we type our queries and then pressing TAB key one time to select the vault item.

Voted. Breaking one power user function for another power user function? No sense in that, so they probably just haven’t noticed yet.

Hi @far, thanks for the feedback. This issue is being tracked on Github.

hi @dwbit thank you for letting me know about the issue on GitHub. I’ll follow the issue from there. Have a nice day.

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