Using Windows Hello automatically/once from laptop/desktop sign-in

When I use Windows Hello to sign-in, the desktop application (using Windows Hello to unlock/login) askes me to use Windows Hello again.
Is it possible to unlock BW desktop automatically if the user sign-in successfully with Windows Hello.

P.S.: My laptop doesn’t support fingerprint or facial recognition so I’m using a PIN code for Windows Hello, BW on desktop would ask me to enter PIN code one more time.

In addition, it would be nice if the browser add-ons would work with the desktop application like a “single sign on” application. If the desktop app is sitting open and unlocked, I’d expect the browser extensions to communicate with it and also be unlocked.

In related “ease of use,” if I’ve selected Windows Hello to unlock in settings, it would be nice if Bitwarden simply presented that option for authentication rather than having me click another button to bring it up.