Using Vault Management API list/object/folders retrieves just the "No Folder"

I’m using the Vault Management API in Java (ProcessBuilder to serve+HTTP Requests).
Initially I deleted some erroneous folders created from an import of an mSecure Export.
All good, everything fine.
Then, I created manually 4 folders.
When executing the list/object/folders api now however, there’s only one output, a single standard (I believe) “'No folder”, with no ID etc. At the same time, both the web interface and the Windows desktop app show those folders.Many restarts in between, I also do API unlock and lock properly.
What exactly can cause this situation?

Hey there, feel free to get in touch with the support team at

@dwbit Thanks, yep, just did that after I discovered that form for another issue. Support was very helpful, it solved my issue there (was a JSON value written as string instead of integer). I will update the thread here with the result of the next conversation

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