Using Push server in third party inplementations

Hello Bitwarden community,

I enjoy using Bitwarden, and have a Vaultwarden server at home. However, if Vaultwarden is good and run smoothly, there is no live-sync for the mobile app (using server). I opened a thread on the project’s GitHub about using the official push server.

BlackDex pointed out an interesting point, whether using the official push server would be appreciated, or even allowed.

That’s why I’m opening this thread, because I want to know if this is allowed.

Thanks everyone for reading, and thanks in advance for your answers.
Have a great day

Hi @GeekCornerBW,
you are in the wrong forum. This one is for Bitwarden. You might want to try your luck in the forum of that “3rd party software” you are using.

I’m not, I’m just asking if there is any issue to use official push server in a third party server

Presumably Bitwarden does allow for self-hosted services (even the free tier to the best of my knowledge as push sync is not a premium feature) to connect to and utilize their push relay servers, but also allow for the use of 3rd party push relay services if chosen.

I believe ultimately the best option would be if the developers of the unofficial 3rd party software were able to implement a similar method to allow for a chosen push relay service.

Though I do believe this is an appropriate request as Bitwarden does otherwise support their push relay servers for self-hosted installs, but they would not readily be able to support a 3rd party service connecting.

Whether Bitwarden would allow connection for push notifications for 3rd party services or only their own software is a good question, though I’m not sure if a staff member here will be able to assist or if this is something that will need to reach out to Bitwarden support, as they very likely would need to get several key figures involved in giving any type of authorization for this.

Thats why I opened this thread here :v

@GeekCornerBW - this is a community forum of Bitwarden customers. I don’t think you can get your answer here.

I suggest contacting Bitwarden support with your question so that you can obtain an authoritative answer. Ok?

Given that the community can’t answer this question on behalf of Bitwarden, I am going to mark this as Closed.