Using correct password manager

I am using the Brave browser and have installed the Bitwarden browser app and extension. I have imported my passwords from Chrome password manager.

When I go to log into a website that is in the list of Bitwarden passwords the popup passwords are from the Brave browser password manager and not from the Bitwarden password manager.

How do I correct this problem?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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Hello @roadrunnerray - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

This is a great question, and is something a lot of new users to Bitwarden face. To use Bitwarden, you will first have to disable the password manager built into your browser.

I think you will find the information on this Bitwarden help page useful (the instructions for the Brave browser are really similar to the advice offered for Vivaldi - just follow those and I think you should be able to disable the password manager built into Brave).

Many thanks David, much appreciated. I am going to delete and disable the Brave password manager.

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