Using biometrics to authenticate to a login item - can I?

I’m running the latest Chrome with the 2024.2.1 extension on Win 11. I’m also running the 2024.3.0 desktop app. I’ve successfully enabled the options to use biometrics with Win Hello, with which I can use fingerprint access. My question is whether it’s possible to login in to a site in my vault strictly with a fingerprint? Thanks!

  1. Writing down your master password may be a good idea because some people rely on biometrics until they forget the master password which one day they will need. Using an emergency sheet might be helpful.

  2. If the credentials you have with the site is email/password and 2FA, you will always need the credentials to login into the site but Bitwarden will help you filling some or all of those credentials, and you can access BW by biometrics.

  3. If you also have passkey as a credential for the site, you can certainly just use biometrics to log into the site. Beware that because of passkey newness, passkey login may fail and you might have to fall back to login by username/password + 2FA. So you may not want to delete those information just yet.