Using biometrics, how do you force occasional master password prompt?

I would like bitwarden to ask me for my master password from time to time so there is no chance that I will forget it. I do not want bitwarden to ask me for my master password every time I use it because I have biometrics for this. Biometrics are secure and extremely convenient.
Asking for the master password, despite allowing for biometrics unlock could also be considered an added security feature.

Hi @pst and welcome to the Community!

I agree this would be a nice feature, but I don’t believe it currently exists.

However, I and many others, as a precaution against forgetting our password, write down our password and store it in a secure location. Human memory is notorious for misremembering information like passwords.

It is also a good idea to backup your Vault, if you aren’t doing so already:

Some of us store our password in the Vault itself in a non-obvious location so that it is part of our regular backup.

Thank you for the welcome, @RogerDodger!
Should I put in a feature request?
I do back up my vault (Vaultwarden user) but I don’t think this will help if I forget my master password.

It has already been requested as a feature, so you can add your comments and support here:

Thanks for the poiner. Voted.