Using Authelia with BitWarden

hi guys,

i know its up to the user if they want to set up 2fa on there personal vault but i thought about using authelia to make it mandatory

does anyone know if authelia works with bitwarden, if so has anyone set it up before, or is there another way in bitwarden to set up 2fa by default for everyones personal vault


Is this for an Enterprise account? If so, you can utilize the Two-step Policy:

Enabling the Two-step Login policy will require non-Owner/non-Admin users to use any two-step login method to access their Vaults.

Sorry no, using the manual docker install

so is there anyway to disable the bitwarden 2FA and use authelia instead?


what about if im using the free version, is there a way to force 2fa for individuals rather than orgs?

Hey @tonykaro, Enterprise Policies | Bitwarden Help Center are currently only accessibly on Enterprise plans.